1 5 assignment choose two research reports data sets

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Getting Started

You will be choosing two data sets you wish to analyze for the duration of this course.

In order to successfully complete this assignment, you should be able to:

  • Identify two data set files you will be analyzing.
  • Communicate the choices to the course facilitator.


  • File: Impeach
  • File: NC Births
  • File: County Complete
  • File: IWU Patients
  • File: Research Report Template 1
  • File: Research Report Template 2
  • File: Research Report Patients


  1. Study the data sets to choose from, looking at all the tabs inside the data set.
    1. Impeach
    2. NC Births
    3. County Complete
    4. IWU Patients
  2. Study the example Research Report Patients.
  3. Choose two data sets from the list above to analyze throughout this course.
  4. Download each research report template and save one for each of your chosen data sets.
    1. Research Report Template 1
    2. Research Report Template 2
  5. Conduct a search to find three scholarly sources pertaining to each data set (total of six). OCLS resources are preferred sources and can be accessed through IWU Resources. Wikipedia is not permitted, as it is not a peer-reviewed, scholarly source.
  6. In each template, complete the “Project Background” section only up to the “Information and Literature Review,” no further. The templates have instructions in them. This should be written as an academic paper with complete sentences and paragraphs.
  7. When you have completed your assignment, save a copy for yourself and submit a copy to your instructor by the end of the workshop. You will add to each document throughout the course.

I decided to choose 2 reports of NC Births and IWU patients.A sample also attached provided by Prof.It will be 2 reports every week but just initial steps for this week.


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