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Following material and question is based on topics covered in chapter 9 of Hubbard’s textbook.( Hubbard, R. Glenn, and Anthony Patrick O’Brien. Economics. Pearson, 2019. 7th Edition, ISBN: 9780134738321)

Baseball—The International Pastime

The controversy over the outsourcing of jobs from the United States to India, China, and other countries has hardly touched professional baseball. Although baseball has long been known as the National Pastime, Major League Baseball (MLB) has taken on an increasingly international look. On the first day of the 2017 season, 259 of the players on MLB team rosters were born outside of the United States. The number of foreign-born players equaled 29.8 percent of the total, the largest percentage ever. The Dominican Republic, with a total population of just over 8 million people, accounted for 93 major league players, the most of any foreign country. Venezuela had the next highest total (77) followed by Cuba (23) and Puerto Rico (16).

Question: Why aren’t baseball fans concerned about the outsourcing of jobs by Major League Baseball?


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