100 words reply with one citation at least

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If Frederick came to me for advice on whether to sue the professors or if he should proceed with form of alternative dispute resolution, I would tell him to file suit. He had talked to some of his professors and shared his ideas with them. When he was home for break, he found out the professors and gone and opened a business using his inventions. To add to the issue of this Frederick also did a research project for one of his classes. When he did the research project his thoughts and opinions were on that paper, not the professors.

Yes, you can file a suit against a friend/teacher etc. He may be hesitant about putting a lawsuit on his professors because he could be afraid that it will affect his schooling and him being able to complete his degree. My opinion if they were a friend or someone, I thought I could trust then they would have never gone behind his back and used his ideas to open a business. They could have come to him and talked to him about it and maybe they could have gone into business together. Maybe they had the finances that he didn’t at the moment, but they could have worked something out and had everything drawn up in paperwork by an attorney. Since this is not how this worked out, I think its only fair that Frederick get his recognition and whatever else he can get out of the deal. It was very unfair for them to go behind his back and use all of his hard work.

In his role of faith, I could understand if he didn’t go through with that lawsuit because he may feel that its not the right thing to do. When reading the suggested reading material, I read something that could make me understand if he didn’t go through with filing the lawsuit. “He teaches that not only is vengeance unacceptable but also God intends that we do good to those who are our enemies. Jesus states “you have heard that it was said, ‘eye for eye, and tooth for tooth’. But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. The word “resist” is a legal term and might be translated as “take to court” or “give testimony against.”.” (Szto 2000)

Szto Mary C. 2000-2001 Lawyers as hired doves: Lessons from the sermon on the mount


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