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“The Biography of a Chocolate Bar”

Write the biography of a chocolate bar. Before you begin writing, gather some information about the chocolate bar’s life. Buy one and put it on your desk. Now see if you can describe its life from the production of its ingredients until the moment you put it in your mouth. Consider the following questions:

1. What are the ingredients? (perhaps start with cocoa, the primary ingredient)

2. Where do the ingredients come from?

3. how are the ingredients produced?

4. What are the working conditions of the people who produce the cocoa?

5. How do the producers get the cocoa to the market?

6. How are the prices set?

7. Which international corporations dominate the chocolate trade?

8. Who regulates the trade?

9. How is chocolate marketed?

10. Where did you buy your chocolate bar?

11. How much profit does a store owner make on one chocolate bar?

12. Are there hidden costs that are not included in the price you paid? (Consider underpayment of labor; environmental impact; government subsidies that are direct [to the company] and indirect [infrastructure such as roads, ports, bridges, and water systems]; and the healthcare costs created by the harvesting, transporting, processing, and eating of this food.)

13. Now that you’ve gathered some information about the components of this chocolate bar, write its biography. Tell the story of its life from the farming of its ingredients to the production and consumption.


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