2 3 minute video presentation based on your personal or academic interests 1

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Video Presentation Instructions

-Select any topic covered in the text that draws your interest. Examples for:

Health & Illness: Affordable Healthcare, Breast/Prostate Cancer Prevention and Screening, Risk-taking and accidents among teens, HIV/AIDS stigma, Health promotion approaches in Norway).

Rubric Components

Point Scale









Subject (10 pts)

• is interesting

• is educational

• is relevant to audience

• provides insight into topic

• is discussed thoroughly

• is entertaining

Content (10 pts)

• Presents interesting information

• Language is used properly and effectively

• Images and/ or graphics relate well to content

• Student(s) behave professionally on camera

• Student(s) demonstrate thoughtful approach to subject

Technical Aspects (10 pts)

• Camera is stable, smooth movements and pans

• Subject is framed well, images are well composed

• Subject is lit and clearly visible

• Sound is clear and understandable

• Video is edited effectively, flows well

• Titles are used effectively

• Transitions are used effectively

• Project was completed in a timely manner

-Your video must have a clear outline and goal
-Your video should be between 2-3 minutes and must not exceed 3 minutes
-Must list 2 academic sources
-Be creative


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