2 evaluation of modern presidents

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You are going to review all the presidential chapters in the text from Chapter 9 to Chapter 14. You are going to review the lectures on the modern presidents and then you will choose TWO presidents from this list: Grover Cleveland, Woodrow Wilson, John Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, and Ronald Reagan.

You are going to use the text, lecture, and video information to compare and contrast the two presidents of your choice as domestic leaders and foreign policy leaders.

Finally of all the modern presidents you are to tell which one you feel is the best and highest rated president of all the modern presidents and why. You are to respond to TWO other students by agreeing or disagreeing with their choices.

videos :

1- https://youtu.be/mplQsOOCK1w


3- https://youtu.be/O5yigFw8MoI

4- https://youtu.be/jxiF-C1_tME

5- https://youtu.be/Uc7O-SLoICw

6- https://youtu.be/Bw9UhBlFUDA


8- https://youtu.be/Nbky5bVi3gM

9- https://youtu.be/Lvi8Izju7cs

Hint: Cleveland is the best of the worst president during this time period and you are going to show why, Wilson was the most productive progressive president and you will cover the majority of his programs, Kennedy has the New Frontier in domestic and foreign policy, Johnson was the president of the Great Society who is the most productive domestic president and he also has Vietnam War, finally we have Republican Reagan as president with his economic, domestic and foreign policies.

Not :

** please You are not to use outside sources, only class material. This is not a research paper and you do not list sources in your answer. Also make sure you comment on two student opinions in your answer.


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