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In this chapter, you will learn about pricing, distributing, and promoting products. After you have read Chapter 12, please use the topic below as a starting point for class discussions, but please feel free to generate and initiate your own topics, including any questions or comment you may have for the concepts and content of this chapter.

At a minimum for every chapter, you need to submit at least one
primary discussion posting(s) in response to the instructor’s topic or a
new topic initiated by another student. You also need to submit at
least one secondary posting(s) commenting on other students’
postings. Please note that initiating a new topic is classified as a
primary posting. In the subject line of your posting, please indicate
whether it is primary, i.e. initiating a new topic, responding to the
instructor’s topic or to a new topic initiated by another student, or
secondary, i.e. commenting on other student’s postings.

1. Please read the chapter-opening case “The Price of Free College” on page 381 and answer the following questions: What kind of marketing changes if any, are likely to change expensive cost to attend 4-year college degree programs? Any target marketing that you would suggest? What do think about the UC Regents or Cal-State Universities tuition pricing system? Do you have better pricing strategy you can recommend?


1 Primary Posting – New Topic (similar to reading)

Personally when it comes too paying for college, I think it’s a big joke. I understand why schools charge different amounts, but at the same time I don’t. When someone graduate’s from any college, whether it be Ivy League or a basic state school, they are going to receive the same degree as everyone else who is getting their bachelors. So why not have tuition be the same cost no matter what state you’re in? For example some private schools offer the same tuition price for both in-state and out-of-state. Why not just have that tuition be the same for every school? Do you think having the same cost across the US would be beneficial to the schools? Hurt the Schools? I feel like it would be more profitable, because then you’ll have more kids willing to come there because it is affordable.

2 Primary Post-Response to Instructor’s Topic

With the plan to have tuition be free for in-state students more schools are likely going to start focusing on getting more out-of-state students and less in-state students to help offset the loss of money. So therefore I think the target marketing would be towards the out of state potential students.

I think the UC Regents and Cal-State tuition pricing system sucks. Even without having the situation of New York where in-state tuition would be free, the UCs already strive to have not just more out of state students but international students because they have to pay SO much more to attend the universities which means more money for the schools to profit from and really offer none of it back to their students. The UCs will reject perfectly qualified in-state students in order to accept more international and out-of-state students so they can have more money. I think if the price for school was the same across the board, whether in-state or out-of-state and all schools were within the same price range it would be a lot better. Granted I know it would affect class sizes for those private universities that have a maximum of 50 students in a class but it would make it so much more fair for everyone who is striving to receive their bachelor’s degrees. I have a bachelor’s degree from UC Davis in Neurobiology what makes my degree any different from someone who got the same degree but from a school in Minnesota? Somehow the school makes the difference but really it shouldn’t. We should still be learning the same basic things no matter what school you’re at, the only difference may be in the methods the professors use to teach the courses.


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