2 separate e discussion post

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First discussion post:

Minimum 300 words, 2 references

How do government policies and/or regulations factor into changes in economic activity on both a domestic and global scale?

  • Give a specific example of a policy or regulation that has helped economic activity.
  • Give a specific example of a policy or regulation that has hindered economic activity.
  • If you were an economist who was tasked with evaluating this policy or regulation, what are some ideas you would suggest for changing it in a way that would achieve the same goal but not hinder economic activity?
  • Finally, state whether or not you enjoy these types of evaluations and if you would consider these types of responsibilities in a future career.

Second Discussion Post

Minimum of 300 words, 2 references:

Discuss the various ways inflation can hinder economic activity. What are some strategies you might use in your life to deal with rising inflation? How might these strategies change if we experienced deflation?


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