2000 Word Essay on Ethic and Governance -Is Formal Ethics Training in Organisations Merely Cosmetic, management homework help

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Is Formal Ethics Training in Organisations Merely Cosmetic?

1. Focus on gathering journal articles from EBSCO, PROQUEST, EMERALD, SCIENCE DIRECT and GOOGLE SCHOLAR. Journal articles should be the primary basis of your essay. Whilst we provide advice on 6 and 6 other scholarly references – you are fine, and perhaps better if you do 12+ quality journal articles.

2. Read, and reflect on everything you read. Ask yourself, what does this article suggest the answer to the essay question is?

3. Write about what you are reading.

4. Think about what your major arguments, and pieces of evidence you are using to support your argument. These can be research studies, and theories. The best essays are based on evidence, not just rhetorical arguments (For example, Smith (2003) says this is important – a better, evidence based argument would be Smith (2003) studies 234 managers drawn from 25 Minnnesota manufacturing firms and finds….. This suggests ….. ). So focusing on research studies their findings and implications for your essay topic will help you get a stronger mark, than just producing a he said, she said essay. Build your evidence base. Theories propose relationships between phenomenon. For example Kohlberg proposes that we move through a series of stages as we develop morally.

Please use all 3 theories i have attached below, 1. Coporate social responsibility(CSR) 2. Normative theories 3. Psychological theories !

Below are some attached file relevant to the assignment. Please do refer to the attached documents first before starting with the essay.


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