250 words applied project psychology

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Answer to this discussion and state if:

  • Do you agree or disagree with their conclusions? Support your position with evidence from the articles.
  • What alternative conclusions could be drawn from the evidence they discussed?

The discussion: The two articles I chose were “Practice-Based Evidence: Back to the Future” and “Psychological Treatments: Putting Evidence into Practice and Practice into Evidence”.

The main points of “Practice-Based Evidence: Back to the Future” were updating or shifting their methods of studying treatments to practicing new methods. In their new treatments, they now are more focused on how people react. They are more interested in the nature and needs or wants of people in medicinal relationships. The primary and most important assumption the author made in this article was, “The president of the American Psychology Association [APA] notes that “much of the research that guides evidence-based practice is too inaccessible, overwhelming, and removed from practice” (Goodheart, 2010, p. 9). Yet lists of evidence-based treatments are being used to control funding in treatment, human services, and education. Stated simply, such policies are based on shaky science” (Brendtro, Mitchell, & Doncaster, 2011).

The main points of “Psychological Treatments: Putting Evidence into Practice and Practice into Evidence” are that the Canadian Psychological Association launched a task force of psychological treatments. “The purpose of this task force was to operationalize what constitutes evidence-based practice in psychological treatment, to make recommendations about how psychologists can best integrate evidence into practice, and to disseminate information to consumers about evidence-based interventions” (Dozois, 2013). They also touch base on what decides how evidence is based the best and that they do not communicate their findings in the best way to relate to the transition from lab to clinic. Basically, they do not communicate their findings in a way that we understand. The primary assumptions that the author is making is that there is a gap between practitioners and scientists. While evidence based research is important and contributes a lot there is always room for more improvements. There needs to be more practice in science and more science in practice.

I have to agree with David Dozois’s theory and research because he is more in depth and provides more reliable and valid sources. Although the other article makes some good points as well, you want to go with the theory and research that can be peer- reviewed and reliable. His information is also unbiased and backed up by many sources and different views on the topic. The source I found to support my reasoning is an article by Glasgow Caledonian University. The Glasgow Caledonian University article states that, “ Establishes the validity of research based upon the expert knowledge of other researchers in the discipline, therefore preventing falsified work from being accepted within an area of study.”


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