3 page paper on an exit strategy most appropriate for your business amp short post on investor expectations

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3 page paper: Include a minimum of two scholarly sources (in addition to the textbook). Format to APA guidelines

Selling to a friendly buyer:

Robbins (2005) This would involve a sale to someone you already know, a customer, an employee, your children or other relatives. This usually involves someone who has already expressed an interest and would be likely to preserve your legacy.

Robbins, S. (2005). Exit Strategies for Your Business. Retrieved June 10, 2016, from https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/78512

Selling to a friendly buyer would be the most appropriate for my business, explain why. I plan to turn the business over to my daughter when i retire. Include in your explanation why the other exit strategies would not be appropriate.

250 word POST:

Also include a (250 word minimum) post on Investor Expectations separate from the 3 page paper: Explain the follow-up expectations of the investor you would most likely want to work with. Also, assess factors that affect the length of the relationship with the investor. Can you meet those factors? Explain.

I will provide the other exit strategies to the chat log to list why not appropriate. I will also provide chapters from my textbook to be included in the 3 page paper along with my business concept.


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