3-page paper, using at least 3 (good quality) sources, clearly typed, using in-text citations, and including a separate page of “Sources Cited” list….

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3-page paper, using at least 3 (good quality) sources, clearly typed, using in-text citations, and including  a separate page of “Sources Cited” list.

In a paper like this, it’s important to pay attention to the basics.  Define your terms and explain your reasoning clearly.

Recognize counter-arguments other perspectives might raise and present your thinking carefully.  Show that you learned from your sources.  The complexity of thought and use of ideas from the course raise your paper grade.

See the Paper Format and Citation Guidelines paper for format suggestions.

Any sentences copied from other sources are not acceptabl

e (very Important point )

Minimum Wage Increases

and Labor Markets

– some statistical analyses find no or only very small employment dampening effects of  minimum wage increases  by cities or states (e.g.http://www.irle.berkeley.edu/workingpapers/157-07.pdf (Links to an external site.))   Other analysts disagree.  Even some who expect some negative effects on employment support (moderate-sized) increases because they think the benefits will outweigh costs.  What is the state of the evidence on the question whether moderate raises in minimum wage reduce low-wage employment?

–Many cities and states have passed legislation in recent years raising minimum wages (though sometimes the raises only come in the future).  What has been their experience?  What have been the arguments for or against?


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