4 math problems 2

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For this homework you will need to redraw the 4 problems on graph paper to scale. As an example, you could draw 200 lbs as a 2″ long line and 400 lbs as a 4″ long line; the point is that the two magnitudes are in scale with each other. You will also need a protractor to draw the appropriate angles. You will give the resultant force and identify its angle off of the x axis. Full credit will be given to those answers which lie within 5% of actual value. You MUST show your work to get credit as you are being partially graded on your ability to DRAW the vectors accurately. Use the gridded paper provided to redraw the vectors, but also use the PDF provided to input your answers for the resultant and angle for each of the 4 problems. Provide answers rounded to the nearest hundredth decimal.


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