4 pages persuasive speech about the negative effect of GMO food, corn syrup, and labeling it for the consumer

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I want a 4 page persuasive speech about how negatively GMO food, corn syrup, and labeling it affects us the consumer. and some instructions for the speech are 1. Within your speech, you must use examples and facts, at least 1 quote and at least 1 statistic must be introduced with a verbal footnote.

2. Minimum of 8 sources in the outline. The sources can be: websites, magazines, academic / science journals, books (online and paper/hard back), and newspapers.You cannot use Wikipedia or dictionary.com as 1 of your 8 sources.You must site your 3 of your references in the speech. You can do this by saying: “According to Fisher, ‘1 out of 3 people who…”.A list of your references will be turned in APA format with your outline.

3. You must use the Stock Issues format to organize your outline and speech (Problem, Causes, and Solution) (See outline handout).

also I need an OUTLINE!! I have the format I just need you to put the information beside each label.



Persuasive Outline

Due Date

General Purpose: To persuade

Specific Purpose:

  1. Attention Getter
  2. Reason to Listen
  3. Speaker Credibility (right to inform)
  4. Thesis statement
  5. Preview your Main Points
  1. BODY
  1. Problems/Harms
    1. Information (sub-point)
    2. Information (sub-point)
    3. Information (sub-point)


  1. Causes or Barriers
    1. Information (sub-point)
    2. Information (sub-point)


  1. Solution
    1. Information (sub-point)
    2. Information (sub-point)
    3. Information (sub-point)

  1. Restate your Thesis
  2. Review your Main Points
  3. Provide a Reason to Remember


Floyd, K. (2014, 2nd ed.). Communication matters. New York: McGraw-Hill.

Mezrich, B. (2009). The accidental billionaires: The founding of facebook. New York: Anchor Books.


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