490 wk8 dq1

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490 WK8 DQ1. 100-150 WORDS.

How do you know if you would be a good IT project manager? After all, being an IT project manager is a demanding yet rewarding endeavor. Imagine you are chosen to be the IT project manager and must handle the following: You are frustrated with the efforts of your project team and you need to reiterate the big picture. How would you handle this challenge?


A Ronald Riggleman

I can’t say that I would be a good IT project leader without comparing my previous experience, however, I would be willing to subject myself to the opportunity to test and prove myself. Frustration is just another feeling that comes with life, but in this case, you should tell your team why you’re frustrated with their work. Anger is never a good coping method; instead, maybe use experience from the 3 Ps of leadership, purpose, and protection. According to Hogan, when you have a purpose, you have clarity. As the project manager, you should make every effort to serve your team. You need to communicate the vision to your team and help them with the resources they need to reach it (Hogan, 2013). When the team sees your passion for the job, they should feel inspired to do the same. This could also be a simple fix, maybe their efforts were lacking because of the fear of reprisal. Regardless, having a sit down with your team and re-iterating your expectations might be another good place to start.

B Rakesh Gurmel

A good project manager does not become a project manager; they train themselves to become one and find qualities that make them a good project manager.

1. Time Management: as we all know, project management is time-sensitive, and a good project manager can manage time very carefully and plan days to ensure that all essential tasks are done on or before time.

2. Communication: A good project manager can communicate with peers and stakeholders and express themselves clearly. They are good in both written and verbal communication.

3. People person: Someone who connects with people and understands how to manage people and collaborate with them at different levels.

In short, a good project manager is good at time management, communication, and people management. For being frustrated if you are not tracking project status and allowing things to fall within the cracks, you will have issues, and the only way to avoid this is to follow pending matters regarding how small they are. Solving minor issues is a way to prevent them from becoming a significant problem.

C Jarrod Henderson

It would seem that you may know you would be a good manager or you may not. I did not know that I was ready for a project lead at my company when I was given a project to lead. I was successful leading the project team through the duration of the project. The project was difficult and I struggled with the efforts of my team at first. I thought that if they were not going to put in the effort then I would do the work myself to get the project done. I wanted to impress the administration with this project and I hate admitting failure. I had a sit down with my boss when I was struggling with burnout, he taught me about the concept of situational leadership. I learned that I needed to be able to meet the members of the team where they were in their knowledge level. This allowed me to be able to convey the big picture to them and get the project back on track. I was also less stressed out and the project was a success.


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