5 Horrific Medieval Torture Methods and Devices law homework help

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After visiting the website video, 5 horrific Medieval Torture Methods & Devices. allow these questions to direct your thoughts.

  • How appropriate was this site and its material to the understanding of the use of the medieval corporal punishment as a method of punishment?
  • What part of the web site interested you the most or least? And why?
  • Should corporal punishments such as caning be used against some law violators and for what crimes?

After visiting the website, make two (2) separate comments in the bulletin board regarding the material covered in that website. One comment can be self-generated regarding the website, while the other must be in response to another student’s comment. The comments should be separated by at least one (1) hour period of time and must encourage the furtherance of the discussion and must add some meaningful thought to the discussion. Just agreeing with another student is not sufficient to be awarded points.

Here is discussion i have to reply …..

I Found this video to be great source to gain a better understanding on the torture methods used during medieval times. The video had very graphic and detail descriptions and I could not help but picture every single method described in the video in my head. I believe it is very interesting how back then these methods of torture were mostly focused on inflicting pain on the victim rather than on the effectiveness of extracting the information. I think the worst torture was the head crusher just because it would be a slow and painful death and it could be extended as much as the executioner wanted. Also, I think that the fact that animals such as elephants were used to conduct this kind of torture is incredible and very resourceful.

21 hours ago

Deaires Blackwell

RE: Medieval torture devices


Your comments about how the elephants were used in the medieval times are very interesting. I actually overlooked how incredible this punishment was till reading your essay. For the people in the medieval era to actually tame and train an elephant to do such things is mind blowing. Makes me wonder what other animals was used for torture and how many executioners lost their lives attempting to tame a wild animal.

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The head crusher is an interesting concept. Obviously meant for death. I thought the device shown in the video was quite interesting, just because your head would fit perfectly in there and then would slowly crush your skull. Despite the fact that elephants are my favorite animal and I would never want an elephant to kill someone, I have to agree with your statement. The use of animals for these torture methods is smart on the torture part because it is practically free – they wouldn’t need to find the metal or anything to create the device. I wonder what made them make the change from using elephants verses the metal device shown to us in the video.


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