5 pages essay 025 1

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Final – Social Foundations II


Students will write a 5 page essay comparing and/or contrasting texts we have read in class. No outside research is necessary.

Format: double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins

Citations: in-text or footnotes with author, title, page number (give a full citation if using a different edition); no bibliography/works cited page necessary


How have the assigned texts reflected on the innate qualities of people, of human nature, and moral principles? How does a theory of human nature shape a political philosophy?

Main People for this question:

Hobbes, Locke, Spinoza, Marchiveli



Maybe touch on the early human nature theory: Like Islam believes human nature is good Christian believe human nature evil after the sin of Satan

Machiavelli thinks human nature wicked to Scintiftic revelotion, the birth of Hobbes, Locke, Spinoza…etc

B1 Answer to question part 1, say human nature according to different people and what is their moral principles ( draw the connection to human nature)


Answer to question part 2, how human nature theory shape their political philospohy

For example: Hobbes belive human nature is power/ dominate other, so the government should be….. The state should be…


Sum up the core answers.

Man, when you read the insrutions for the essay. I also created a outline for you. That was after a meeting with the professor, the prof really cares about argument+analysis+ using quotes. The best to put in quote into sentence, combine and then analyz it. For those people, prof gives book about each individual’s thinking. Make sure the argument and text quotes are appropriate to answer the question. Sentence level equals or better than my previous essay in her class( HZ sample, that was A essay) So, see my style.


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