5 paragraph essay

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Please write at least a 5 paragraph essay responding to ONE of the the following. Before submitting the essay, Remember that a compare/contrast essay does not simply describe the similarities and differences between two topics. Good comparison writing always has a specific purpose / point to the writing and always makes some type of connection to the audience (has a purpose to the writing that is worthwhile for the reader).

1. Discuss the major differences between two views of a political issue or between two political candidates. Identify the main sources of the differences, and then defend the point of view you believe is most reasonable.

2. Identify a disturbing trend that you see in America society. Describe this trend, providing specific examples and comments that show how this new trend is different from the past. Also, be sure to comment on how and in what way this trend is disturbing.

3. In a humorous tone, describe one or more typical behaviors in which men and women differ. Be sure to have a specific purpose to the writing (not just men and women are different).


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