5 Paragraph Essay

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write a reflective essay on the theme of “Tibet Through Red Box” by Peter Sis


USE your own words, please please do not use direct wording from online sources, (when comparing your personal experience with Peters and overall as well) its a reflective essay, like it shouldn’t have the need to be cited or anything

basically, you need to talk about a personal experience that relates to what Peter is going through

(something teenage personal experience)

can obviously be made up

example of one could be how you shouldn’t believe everything you hear or see

^ how Peter relates? – when Peters friends at school kept telling him that his father is a traitor he believed them and hated his dad, which was later proved wrong

like if you’ve ever gone through that, if you can relate to that…

thats just a example I came up with, it can be anything that Peter is or has gone through.

please consult with me if any questions and PLEASE a personal experience a teen could undergo 🙂


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