8 1 final project submission project management plan report

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Final Project Milestone Two: Project Charter and Stakeholder Management Plan

You correctly used the template, covered all the areas required, used descriptions that were accurate, and kept it brief enough to be useful. To improve on this and other milestones in the future you must incorporate concepts from the PMBOK Guide. It is not enough to imply or assume the concept or principle applies — you must explain why and support your reasoning using terminology and principles drawn from PMBOK Guide. Also, as a reminder, for quotes and paraphrases of material — you must use citations and quotes to credit sources that provided information and content. See the rubric for score details and additional feedback.

Final Project Milestone Three: Project Scope Management Plan

The Scope Statement needs more detail and depth. You are missing citations and references that support your planning. In review: The scope statement should be brief, clear, and accurate in placing the boundaries of what is and what is not part of the project. The inclusion of the high-level Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) helps define what the project is intended to accomplish. To avoid unintended consequences of scope creep – you must have a process and procedure in place to receive, review, and approve/disapprove valid changes to the scope.

Final Project Milestone Four: Project Schedule Management Plan

This was too brief to fully introduce and explain clearly the schedule management approach. You must expand your list of activities. The project consists of level one (major) tasks. Each of the level one tasks has subordinate tasks and activities which must be completed to support the level one task. For example, WBS 1.2, Implementation — should have multiple subordinate tasks that are completed in order to achieve full implementation. List those. Then, your activity list, network diagram, and critical path should all be in alignment / agreement. See the rubric for score details along with additional comments.

Final Project Milestone Five: Project Cost Management Plan and Project Procurement Plan

the structure is looking good and you are following the template well. You are on the edge of being too brief and in some areas missing the necessary details explaining your plan and intent. There are many opportunities for you to introduce the PMBOK processes and procedures as well as describe your planning. Include references and citations using the APA format. See the rubric for score details along with additional specific feedback.

Final Project Milestone Six: Project Human Resource Management Plan and Project Communications Management Plan

This is missing too much. It needs additional work with references and citations before inclusion into your final project. It is a too brief in the descriptive sections and needs more narrative and references to processes described in the PMBOK Guide. As you develop your plan, keep in mind that part of your objective is to explain to stakeholders what actions you will take to achieve a successful project based on PMBOK Guide concepts and processes. See the rubric for score details along with additional comments.

Look at this example of RACI found at the following website:



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