A 4400 lb forklift truck is used to lift a 1700 lb crate engineering homework help

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A 4400-lb forklift truck is used to lift a 1700-lb crate. Determine the reaction at each of the two front wheels A and rear wheels B. (Round the final answer to the nearest whole number.)


The lever BCD is hinged at C and attached to a control rod at B as shown in the figure. Given: P = 200 lb

Determine the tension in rod AB


Given that P = 140 N, determine the reactions at A and B.


The structure shown in the figure has a load P = 180 N acting on it. Neglect friction and the radius of the pulley. Determine the tension in cable ADB. (Round the final answer to two decimal places.)


For the frame shown in the figure and the loading P = 140 lb, determine the reactions at A and C. (Round the final answer to one decimal place.)


Two children are standing on a diving board of mass 65 kg. Knowing that the masses of the children at C and D are 28 kg and 40 kg, respectively, determine

a) the reaction at A,

b) the reaction at B.


A T-shaped bracket supports the four loads shown. Determine the smallest distance a if the bracket is not to move.


Bar AC supports two 100-lb loads as shown. Rollers A and C rest against frictionless surfaces and a cable BD is attached at B. Determine

a) the tension in cable BD,

b) the reaction at A,

c) the reaction at C.


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