a reflection essay on the coronavirus pandemic

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Reflection Essay

1 to 2 pages, MLA formatted, no Works Cited page

This essay will be your Final Exam for English 120.

A reflection essay is a story, telling your feelings and personal opinions on a particular subject. The subject you are reflecting on is the coronavirus pandemic. Write about how the pandemic has affected you and your family and your friends. Here are some talking points, but you may come up with others. Write in essay format with paragraphs.

  • How has the pandemic affected your education?
  • How has it affected you economically?
  • What is good and not so good about connecting online with apps like Zoom or FaceTime, instead of in person?
  • Do you think this global event has changed you? If so, in what ways?
  • Have there been any positive effects from the pandemic? If so, what?


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