a rhetorical analysis of childish gambino s this is america writing paper 02

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The detailed writing instruction is post in the attached file. Please check.

Make sure finish both the writing as well as the box (in the last page of the writing instruction).

Pay attention on yellow highlight color part in the writing instruction. Make sure meet all requirement.

Total word count at least 1000.

Need to choose these two thesis either from :

1. Textual strategies like effect of powerful repetition, symbolism and irony led me to think the relationship between the United States and black people was the meaning of the song; however, the visual strategies such as visual imagery that references historical events, visual symbolism and visual irony made me realize it was actually more about rampant gun violence and the black community’s unfair status in American society.


2. The textual strategies of repetition and diction led me to think that this song was about how black people have to watch themselves, as their actions often meet a response that results in harsh consequences due to racial profiling; however, the visual strategies of using various camera angles and the appeal to emotion through visuals revealed that this song actually addresses gun violence and how Americans are distracted by entertainment from the real issues.

or make up one by your self following this format:

3. “Textual strategies a, b, and c led me to think X about the song; however, the visual strategies e, f, g made me realize it was actually more about Y.”


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