A Rose for Emily English homework help

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“The Remember”
“A Rose for Emily”
Detailed Assignment Instructions:
After reading “The Remember” Or “A Rose for Emily” , what was your dominant
impression from either story in terms of the issue that resonated with you the most?

Explain your response in a well-developed paragraph ( 200-250 words) that you
submit in Unit 12. Only use one of the readings.
Use a quote if you feel it helps you get to the core of the issue that you identify with, and if
you do use a quote, make sure you use MLA documentation and include a work cited.
Unit 12 Discussion Board Posting
On the Discussion Board Unit 12
Post some ideas you have about issues you think you have identified from the text you read.
Be specific and detailed and remember not to confuse the issue you want to identify with the
action that makes up the story’s plot.
As long as you follow the rule that it is impossible to describe an issue in one word, you are on
the right path. An issue of any significance will require at least one sentence to describe it, and
it will get to the very core of the issue that you see in the story.
After reading the text, what was your strongest impression? What did the text say to
What was the dominant issue that you noted in the text? Make some comments
about the issue the text raised that you feel is most significant and the perspective
that is most useful to approach that issue from.


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