abnormal psy

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In this week’s reaction paper, you are going to be writing a journal entry from the perspective of one of the key theorists discussed in the readings and resources for the week (i.e. Biology-James, Psychoanalytic-Freud, Anna Freud, Carl Jung, Adler; Cognitive-Aaron Ellis, Aaron Beck; Humanistic-Carl Rogers, Abraham Maslow). The journal entry should include:

An explanation on where you (as the theorist) feel psychological distress or mental illness originates (e.g. what causes it?).

An explanation for how or what led you to develop the theory that you developed. (It is acceptable for this section to be speculative).

Identify at least one potential weakness of your theory that your colleagues might point out and explain how you would address their concern.

Identify the proper course of action to help those in psychological distress find relief according to your theoretical background.

Your journal entry should be at least one full page and no more than two full pages. Please include a reference section that is in proper APA format. Any thought or idea that is not your original idea must be cited.


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