abstract analysis 1

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Question 1,

Discussion Questions: Please post an abstract that accurately reflects your study up to this point. If you need some examples of abstracts to help you get started take a look at some of the abstracts found within the peer-reviewed journals you referenced within your paper. Also, what has been the hardest section to write for this project? What section was the easiest for you to write? How might you work to apply what you learned in this course moving forward across your program of study? (500 words)

Format for question 1;


What was the hardest section and Why?

What did I learn and how will I apply it in the future?

What was the easiest?

Question 2,

Everyone in the United States is dependent upon water. Either to drink, cook or bathe with. The United States infrastructures that support this way of life are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. The research question for this review is, does the United States government effectively prevent cyber-attacks against water infrastructures? (250 words).

Question 3,

Hurricanes contribute to millions of dollars of aid every year that communities require for disaster relief. These resources are given to the communities after disaster strikes. The Federal Emergency Management Agency provides training for state, local, and tribal governments to help prior to the storm. This is not enough to prepare communities. In the last ten years, we have seen some of the strongest hurricanes in the gulf coast communities than ever before.

What strategies can you recommend to gain much more successful results? (250 words).


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