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write 900 words based on the instructions below

I have to write an essay as an apology

Submit a 3 page reflection paper (12-pt. type, double spaced, properly cited, appropriate language/grammar/spelling) on academic integrity, including a review of the materials at in the Student Resources tab, Academic Integrity Resources side link, using the Titan Integrity Guide to Understanding, Avoiding Academic Dishonesty, and the Academic Dishonesty Policy as references. The paper should use those materials above to help you address the following:

Describe academic dishonesty.

Explain why it is important to members of the university to understand academic dishonesty.

What would happen if everyone acted the way you did in this scenario? << I cheated in an exam

Describe cheating and what you should do to prevent cheating. << you can say that it’s a way to gain an unfair advantage and talk about it

Explain the impact this incident has had on you, the impact this incident has on the Cal State Fullerton community, and the potential impact if another similar situation happens in the future. << you can say that it was unfair from me to try and get an advantage over my fellow students and that it leads to uneven distribution of grades which results in impacting the whole class’s grade

Reflect on what you have learned from the experience. << I have no idea what to say

How will this incident impact your actions and options moving forward?

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