Academic Research Coverage Reflection Paper

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  • Based on the feedback that you received on your week-one proposal (audio with feedback attached on the .zip document), and as you have had additional time to brainstorm, in what ways can you strengthen or refine your research topic or thesis? Does your topic or thesis need to be more specific, or more closely aligned with your academic concentrations? Do you need to take a clearer argumentative position?
  • Who is your primary audience? (This should not be your instructor and your peers, but rather, a real or imagined audience that you feel would benefit from your research.) Keep in mind that your audience will influence the way in which your essay is written, both in terms of style and content.
  • What is one potential objection or counter-argument to your thesis? Briefly, what would your response or rebuttal be to that objection?


Have you been able to find adequate scholarly material in support of your thesis?

Share a draft of your one-sentence thesis statement. Strive to be clear, concise, and specific.

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