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2. When citing an online resource, it is important to include the __________, as well as the information provided in a standard citation.

  • A. author’s name
  • B. title of publication
  • C. date downloaded or retrieved
  • D. name of the publisher

4. When using a online College Library, if you know the publication title, date, and article title, you should:

  • A. click on the periodicals tab.
  • B. reference the directory.
  • C. use the dropdown box under the Advanced tab.
  • D. do a publication search.

5. As you search for documents in the College Library, you may run across certain documents that you would like to reference later. Select the checkbox to add the corresponding item to the Selected items page. Traditionally called a__________ list, your list of selected items is stored only for the duration of your current session.

  • A. search
  • B. directory
  • C. marked
  • D. selected

8. Subject directories, best for in-depth exploring of particular subjects and finding high-quality sites, include all EXCEPT:

  • A. Google.
  • B. Britannica Web’s Best.
  • C. Galaxy.
  • D. Infomine.

9. All of the following are steps in the research process EXCEPT:

  • A. evaluating your information.
  • B. identifying and accessing information sources.
  • C. comparing and contrasting information sources.
  • D. using the information effectively.

10. After you email, print, or cite a list of items in the Ashworth College Library, you can quickly and easily clear your selected items at one time by checking the __________ checkbox.

  • A. Delete items when done
  • B. Deselect items when done
  • C. Remove items when done
  • D. Clear items when done

14. Information with subject directories is categorized according to:

  • A. references.
  • B. searches.
  • C. subjects.
  • D. websites.

15.In the Document preview, to the right of the title of each item is a:

  • A. Document icon.
  • B. Search bar.
  • C. Preview icon.
  • D. Link.

18. Which is NOT an example of a subject directory?

  • A. Google Scholar
  • B. Infomine
  • C. Britannica
  • D. Yahoo!

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