Adverse Situations

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and keeping the district, parents, students, teachers, and the media in mind, address the follow  ing: 7 5 0 – 1 0 0 0

Management and Operational Systems

  • Ident ify the main decisions that must be made.
  • Ident ify additional information needed to inform your decision.

Human, Fiscal, and Technological Resources

  • Organize staff to ensure the safety of students and consistency of response.
  • Ident ify additional resources needed to ensure safety of students and staff.

Safety and Welfare of Students and Staff

  • Ident ify legal rulings regarding the safety and welfare of students and staff to consider in making a decision.
  • Identi fy district policy regarding the safety and welfare of students and staff that might affect a decision.

Collaboration with Faculty and Community

  • Identi fy possible stakeholders involved in the decision-making and/or affected by the recommended solution.

Solution and Rationale

  • Ex plain your solutions for addressing the situation.
  • List action steps you would take to implement the solutions, including a timeline for implementing them.
  • Provide a rationale for your proposed solutions. Explain how the solution protects the welfare and safety of students and staff, complies with laws, rights, and policies, and involves appropriate stakeholders.

 2-3 ref

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