advocacy project about united states college drop out epidemic

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Like the Contexts Project, the main assignment here is a multimodal composition that uses

various rhetorical positions and different types of evidence. While the CP asked you mostly to

describe the landscape of the problem, the AP instead asks you to argue about efforts to address

the problem you described. Over the course of these next few weeks, as you research and

evaluate various sources, and as you draft, craft, and organize your thoughts and evidence, you

will eventually have to 1) describe, analyze, and evaluate one or more efforts to address the

significant and current political/social/cultural problem that sits at the center of your

project. From there, you will have to 2) argue which of the efforts to address the problem

work best, explain why, and offer possible next steps; OR make the case that none of the

efforts to address the problem works, explain why, and offer possible next steps.

In other words, your arguments for advocating solutions in combination with the analytical reasons you provide for why you have chosen to focus on particular solutions will after weeks and weeks of

diligent engagement become a richly-textured thesis statement, one that deepens your articulation of the problem at hand and argues for convincing for ways to move forward.

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