Air Canada: Flying High with Information Technology- casestudy

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read the case carefully than answer the Questions

answers should be included




logic analysis

Air Canada_Questions to be answered

  • The outsourcing approach and the IT department structure at Air Canadachanged often between 1994 – when Air Canada signed its first contract with IBM – and 2011, the year the case takes place. What are these changes and why do you think they occurred?
  • Managing the information resource of a firm focused both on “engaging with customers” and competing “more effectively on multiple levels against the low-pricing structures offered by low-cost carriers” entailed many challenges, which Air Canada’s CIO and her team had been addressing in multiple ways. How was Air Canada addressing these challenges in 2011?
  • Based on Luftman and Kempaiah’s five-stage maturity model, at which stage of alignment is Air Canada’s IT and Business alignment? What challenges did Air Canada face in reaching this stage? What are the challenges now?

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