alex jones and the new world

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5 pages 5 sources

Paper Instructions Structure:

1) Cover page, including your name, the topic, the class and the semester is required; No need for abstract.

2) The introduction should take about 1 page.

3) The methods section should justify your choice of primary source(s) and how you obtained them. The bulk of the paper should analyze your (preferably primary) sources vis-a-vis the induction of violent apocalyptic mindset in furtherance of socio-political goals.

4) Specifically, you are asked to analyze the New New World order conspiracy and ALex Jones. Discuss the ways in which apocalypticism has been inculcated in the target audience and how this mindset was used by Alex Jones for a call to mobilize the people to action. For example, how is the New World Order conspiracy, the Georgia Guidelines conspiracy and the Denver Airport conspiracy, exploited for inducing a sense of fear, urgency and (oftentimes violent) mobilization in response to the impending irreversible cataclysm?

5) A conclusion- In your conclusion section, you may also speculate on the extent to which the ‘apocalyptic mindset’ contributed to the aggressive/violent nature of the campaign. In other words, you are invited to envision, based on your data, the potential benefits to society were the apocalyptic elements of the ideology been successfully countered (e.g. by teaching the target audience a more well-rounded and thorough version of their religion and its dogma; by boosting their capacity for critical thinking, etc.). Try and limit your ‘counter-messaging’ suggestions to target apocalypticism specifically, leaving aside other elements in the ideology or the belief system of the group – however criminogenic.

6) References should include all new articles and web links and videos that informed your work. Format: APA format, on MS-Word document, written using 12pt Times New Roman font, Double-Sided, Double-Spaced, with 1’’ margin throughout

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