Analysis of the Form 990 for Not-For-Profits

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The entity I chose for this project is BJ’s Foundataion. Here is the link.
I am attaching the form I found as well as my CCR so you can compare as required on 2 (d.

1. Explore the concepts of the class material relating to NFPs and Form 990s. You must find and review / read
outside literature on these subjects as well in order to properly address the requirements.
2. Prepare an executive summary paper on the Form 990 to include the following:
a. A brief overview of your entity.
b. Discuss what is a Form 990, what is its focus, and what it’s intended to do.
c. Discuss who are the Form 990’s intended users – who and why is the form intended for (what is NOT
expected is a fund-by-fund accounting of figures, performance, balances, etc).
d. Finally, compare the Form 990 to a CCR or your entities annual report and discuss the different
audiences / needs / users / purpose of same.
3. Your deliverable is to be three – five pages in length (~1,000 to 1,800 words), single-spaced, double spacing
between paragraphs, one inch margins and a font size of 10 – 12 points. Use headings related to topics in our
class, and include a cover page and works cited section. In-text citations must be included and done per APA
standards. The paper is to be uploaded through your assignment folder only in a single Word document with
only “YourName.doc(x)” as the file name. Points will be deducted for failing to adhere to these requirements,
especially the 4 requirements in part 3.

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