analysis upload quot introduction to analysis in physics

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Lab name is “Introduction to Analysis in Physics”. The main goal of this lab is how to use LINEST within Excel to obtain a slope of a linear line and the uncertainty of the slope. You will find all the instructions on the file ” Analysis instruction-2″

It has two parts.

Part 1 (Activity using Excel’s LINEST function, Page 1-4): You will verify the Columbus law by using the given data in the module. Data is given in the excel file named ” Columbus data.xlsx”. Follow all the instruction steps given in the write-up instruction file. A video has been attached named ” analysis video”. The video also clearly explains all the instructions. Watch the video to get a clear idea.

Part 2 (Student Measurement and Analysis, Page 4-5): You will draw a “circumference VS diameter plot” by using 6 cylindrical items from your household items and you will perform LINEST.

Page 5-8 is the appendix for LINEST and other excel help. Graph instructions are also given in the appendix.

Perform all the work and submit it on the upload link. The total grade point for this lab is 20. 10 for part 1. and 10 for part 2. Follow the rules I have mentioned before in my 1st announcement.

Step 5: known Y: D column/force values. known X: C column/ 1/r^2 values.

Best fit line: follow step 8 for values.

Step 9: When adding the best fit line in the plot, remember your x is “1/r^2”, not the time.

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