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” The minister black veil

”  by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Using the short story above show how the author uses the plot, the setting, the characterization, and the point of view

to engage readers in the theme(s) of the story BEING SURE TO IDENTIFY IT/THEM


-How do the elements work together to help the author create a reaction?

This essay will require analysis. Don’t bother retelling the story.

Instead, take the story apart to see how the pieces interact.  Show us cause-and-effect relationships, the causes being the elements, the effects being the readers’ reactions, and the relationships being the means by which the reactions were evoked.  Identify the general effect in a Thesis Statement (or Statement of the Controlling Idea).

-Make use of frequent references to the story (and perhaps information in other parts of Clayton) in order to support your Controlling Idea.

-Cite all references But remember the references themselves will not be sufficient: You have to draw the connection.



– 500 words separate from work cited page

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