Analyze the characteristics and special needs of victims, law homework help

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required to create a Twelve (12) slide PowerPoint Presentation (PPP). You must have a cover slide(Introduction) and are reference slide(Your last slide). Your cover and reference slide to not count as your required 12 slides needed. The References must be formatted in APA Style on yourreferences slide; however, you are free to use any font or color throughout your PPP you do not have to stick with Times New Roman 12 font in black for this assignment. The information in the PPP is to come from one of the following topics: ·

– Analyze the characteristics and special needs of victims ·

– Identify US Laws that target human trafficking · –

– Discuss the Human Trafficking problem within any selected country ·

– Discuss Human Trafficking Criminal Intelligence Gathering & Sharing ·

– Discuss the long-term effects of Human Trafficking on the economy ·

– Identify organizations that are supporting victims and what they are doing to help ·

– Discuss the United Nations rule in combatting Human Trafficking ·

– Discuss how the Criminal Justice Discipline can support efforts to stop human trafficking ·

– Analyze how technology can be used to combat human trafficking ·

– Analyze the scope and magnitude of human trafficking.

You can be creative as you want by adding photos, bullet points, voice, music, etc. Make sure that you include an in-text citation and reference for all your material presented . Your PPP’s will be graded on creativity, demonstrated critical thinking skills, proper use of English & Grammar, research skills, proper use of APA Style with in-text citations, and good scholarly references used.

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