and questions and provide feedback

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For this assignment you will Answer the questions your classmate posted fully and include one scholarly source for each response to two classmates posts.Show your reasoning/thinking.Avoid ‘grading or evaluating’ your classmates post—You can say good job, but this will be seen as a courtesy not substantive content for grading your posts.Pleas erepsond with 100 words per question and respond with the studnets ame below:

Abrianna Hernandez

After finishing the book Blindspot, reading the first three chapters of Blink, and watching Ross’ video I can see how they all relate to one another. I feel like Blink adds to the ideas of Blindspot by adding examples of real life situations as well as experiments done. In Ross’ presentation his example of his granddaughter wanting a cookie and how that correlates with the 5 key patterns of the mind (Social Primacy, Selective Attention/Inattentional Blindness, Subliminal Messages, Projection, Power and Empathy) goes to show that patterns in adult life aren’t just adult habits and that these can actually start at a young age. Subliminal Messaging can easily weave its way into a child’s mind depending on what they’re watching or listening to and it can effect their behavior. Thin Slicing is something that everyone does or has had it done to them. Recently, someone I know told me how when they first seen me I was very quiet and kept to myself so they automatically made the judgement that I was mean or uptite. I personally don’t think I am neither of those and I would like to assume I’m a pretty nice person. Now I know why people say “First impressions count.”

Q #1: How do you think we can become more aware of Thin Slicing?

Q #2: What do you agree or disagree with in Ross’ presentation?

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