annotated bib exe 4

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Annotated Bibliography

Exe#4 10 points!

The goal of the Exercise #4 is to allow students to begin researching for their Reaction Paper. Students are required to research 5 references (academic, scholarly, peer reviewed) that coincide with Reaction Paper. At this point of the semester students should have a familiarity with APA 7th edition, and how to cite references in proper APA format. Note, students are asked to follow the rules and guidelines APA 7thedition when citing references.


  1. 5 References (No Wikipedia! Accredited references only!)
  2. No references older than 2015!
  3. 1= Articles, 1= Dissertation or Thesis, 1= Books, 1= Electronic sources, 1= visual (graph, bar chart, YouTube, census).
  4. Students must follow APA 7th format: Students may reference the PCC Library or see the link below for help and instruction on APA 7th ed! (Links to an external site.)

  1. Please do not number or bullet references, but students are asked to use the Hanging Indent feature in word!
  2. Students must provide 100- 200 words describing how the reference will aide or support research (Social problem, Population of Interest, Paradigm)

Examples of APA reference with annotation see below!

Annotated Bib.

Altschuler, D.M., & Armstrong, T.L. (2002). Juvenile corrections and continuity of care in a community context: the evidence and promising directions. Federal Probation 66: 72-77. It is estimated that youth account for up to one-third of the population of returning prisoners each year. Much of the literature on juvenile aftercare has focused on one model–the intensive aftercare program (IAP)– and writings on IAP have been largely descriptive of the model and its theoretical and scientific foundations.

Bergre, C., (2005, Nov/Dec) what becomes of at-risk gay youths? The Gay And Lesbian Review Worldwide, vol. XII, iss6 PG 24 from Proquest database. This study discusses the fat that among at-risk youth there are populating that are Gay and Lesbian.

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