answer 2 discussion questions and write a two page summary

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Discussion Prompt #1 (75 words)

Identify and describe at least three roles that police and law enforcement play in the prevention and the reduction of crime.

Discussion Prompt #2 (75 words)

Herbert L. Packer’s heuristic tool is comprised of two normative patterns: the crime control model and the due process model. The crime control model emphasizes the repression of crime as the most important function of the criminal justice system, and the due process model values the freedom of individual citizens from unjust acts committed by the state. In your opinion, should criminal justice swing toward the crime control model or the due process model? Explain your answer.

Read chapter 2 of the Kappeler and Potter text, The Mythology of Crime and Criminal Justice.

Then submit a two-page summation, outlining crime images of the reality of crime.The summations should concentrate on the three factors of crime images.The summation should also encompass the reading requirement of this week.

The weekly summation will not require a title page, so focus on your essay portion for your case study. Ensure that factual information provided in your essay is supported by listing your references at the end of your case study and citing your references within your essay.

3 Parts of the Criminal Justice Career


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