answer 3 questions 39

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Inventory of Philosophies of Education

This assignment is designed to help you begin to identify and articulate your personal philosophy of education. First, take some time to work through the Inventory of Philosophies of Education on pages 153-154. Next, be sure to complete the Interpreting Your Responses chart on page 155 and read the Interpreting Your Responses information on pages 154-155. Finally, answer each of the questions posted at the end of this page.

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Create a Word document for this assignment.
  2. Answer each of the questions below in complete sentences.
  3. You do not need to type the questions, but do number each of your responses to correspond to the questions.
  4. Save in Word or as a PDF. Your assignment will not upload in a different format.
  5. Click on the “Submit” bar to upload (turn in) your completed assignment.


  1. What was your highest score, and for which philosophy?
  2. What was your lowest score, and for which philosophy?
  3. Which three statements (see statements 1-28 on pp. 153-154) best reflect your views on education, and why?
    • For your response to this question, type each of the three statements you selected.
    • Include the original number of each statement you selected.
    • Then, explain why/how each statement reflects your views on education.

Scoring: Answers 1 and 2 together are worth 4 points (2 each). Answer 3 is worth 9 points. Formatting is worth 2 points (answers numbered, written in complete sentences, etc.).

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