answer 5 question not very long

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Articles: The answers to the questions are ONLY to be based on facts from the articles below, on BB, as well lectures from the class. However, these questions will require some of your own thinking as well. When you answer these questions, please do not ONLY discuss in general statements. You must back up your general statements with specific examples from the articles. Any facts you mention in your answers that comes from outside the articles or class (e.g. internet) will be ignored when grading.

“A Definitive Guide to the Brexit Negotiations” / Harvard Business Review August 5, 2016

  • According to the article what are the two most important issues in the Brexit negotiations?
  • What is the UK’s goal in the negotiations on each of these two issues? What is the EU’s goal in the negotiations on each of these two issues? Why does the EU not want this new arrangement with the UK to set a precedent?
  • Why do Scotland and N. Ireland complicate the negotiations for both the UK and EU? What issues are unique to Scotland and N. Ireland?
  • The article states that Turkey is part of a customs union with EU countries without being part of the EU. A customs union is similar to a free trade area (like NAFTA) than an economic union (like the EU)? What issues (in #1) would be solved by a customs union (NAFTA) type of agreement between UK and EU?
  • The chart on p. 3 shows that the UK £ (pound) had a steep decrease in value after the Brexit vote? Remember that the UK £ is a floating currency, and remember from class what determines the exchange rate of a floating currency. What would be the business / economic reason that the £ depreciated after the Brexit vote?

“Brexit Britain: What has actually happened so far?” BBC March 3, 2016

Paper Point distribution: Q1 – 10pts, Q2 – 25 pts, Q3 – 25 pts, Q4 – 10 pts, Q5 – 10 pts

Format: A “paper” is at most 5 double spaced pages (- 5 for every page over 5). You do NOT need to repeat the questions in the paper text; but do type “2.” before you start question 2. Just type the question # and then your answer. Answers to questions are to be in full sentences – no phrases or bullets (-5 if not). It is to be typed in Times Roman font, 12 point (-5 if not) , double spaced (-10 if not) with 1 inch margins all around (-5 if not). In other words, don’t deviate from the format specified. Thanks.

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