answer the 10 questions 3

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Answer the 10 questions.

1. What kinds of cognitive differences do we find between men and women, and how sure are we that they are true natural/biological differences?

2. What do we mean by the term transgender, and what are some social and psychological ways people can provide support to transgender people?

3. What does it mean to be intersex, and is that different than someone’s gender identity?

4. Patricia Hill Collins discusses interlocking oppression, what is this concept, and why is it important for everyone, not just Black women?

5. How is queer theory different than just studying gay people?

6. What is gender performativity, is it the same thing as being a drag queen or king?

7. Why might someone not leave an abusive (sexually or otherwise) relationship?

8. How can you distinguish whether two people are genuinely in love and experiencing intimacy, or if they just feel love but are actually infatuated?

9. From your reading by Niobe Way on “Emotionless Boys” and resistance, what were some of the main, or most important, findings that she discusses from her work?

10. From your reading on Male Rape statistics “The sexual victimization of men in America” what were some of their main findings that shocked the scientific community this year?

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