answer the questions 579

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please answer the questions simply and clear . Also , i need two different versions of the answers in separate files.

i will attached copy of the lectures to help.

The questions :

1. Systems configuration and integration process is pivotal to achieve the desired performance. Both series and parallel configurations have pros and cons and implications in the system performance. Explain which configuration provides the best reliability, if you do not have physical and resource constraints. Also, briefly explain under which conditions systems in series will provide the most adequate configuration. (10 pts.)

2. A system has five (5) components in series with a reliability of 0.99999, each. What is the overall system reliability? If the system engineer requests you to change the configuration to parallel to increase the reliability; what is the difference (%) in reliability? What is the minimum reliability each component (in parallel) must have to have an overall system reliability of 0.99999 (i.e., the same reliability each component in series has)? (15 pts.)

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