answer the questions based on reading

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INSTRUCTIONS: The exam is worth 200 points (100 points for each question). Answer both questions. each question is about 2 pages. All responses should be double spaced, in 12 point Times or Cambria font with one inch margins. Number your answers and compile them into one document. There is no need to reproduce the question at the top of the page—this will take up space you could use for your answer.

Use your own words to explain the different concepts and arguments you reference from authors or other materials that you cite in support of your answers. Avoid direct quotations from readings, lectures and lecture slides. No reference list is needed if you only refer to materials from class or the articles/information below, but make sure you provide in-text citations as appropriate. You may refer to the articles as “article 1”, “article 2”, etc. for each question.

1) For question 1, please read and reference these articles:

“Lives are in Danger: Lawsuit argues SF Needs to Clean up the Tenderloin as Coronavirus Spreads” by Bob Egelko, SF Chronicle. May 5, 2020. (Links to an external site.)

“Someone Will Contract the Virus Here: Meet Homeless Californians Trying to Survive a Pandemic” by Byrhonda Lyons, Cal Matters. April 30, 2020. (Links to an external site.)

Explain what a discourse is in your own words, and then describe the different discourses of homelessness Gowan describes in Hobos, Hustlers and Backsliders. Be sure to say which locations and actors are associated with the different discourses she describes and the circumstances in which each is used. The describe Herring’s argument about “complaint oriented policing”. Finally, discuss whether and how the articles above fit into any of the a) discourses you’ve described, and b) Gowan and Herring’s arguments about how city governments manage homelessness and why.

2) For question 2, please read (or listen) to the following short radio piece and explore the City of Oakland’s Ceasefire program website. (Links to an external site.) (2014)

City of Oakland’s Ceasefire Strategy, (Links to an external site.)

The neighborhood surrounding Castlemont High School, in east Oakland, has had a reputation for high levels of violence for some time. Drawing on arguments from Anderson in Code of the Street, Harding in Living the Drama, and Martinez in The Neighborhood Has is Own Rules, what could explain why violence is so prevalent in this area? Based on the radio piece and description of the Ceasefire program, what similarities and/or differences do you note between the neighborhoods and violence described in the readings (Anderson, Harding and Martinez) and in the Castlemont neighborhood in Oakland? What connections can you make between the Ceasefire program strategy for violence reduction and the readings?

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