anthropology assignment 16

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Please try to express your arguments clearly and check for grammar and spelling before you submit the assignment.

Your response should be 600 word or less.

Here is the prompt:

Read pp. 30 – 46 in Naktsang Nulo’s My Tibetan Childhood. Using the information provided in that section of the book, discuss the importance of monasteries for eastern Tibetan pastoralists such as Naktsang Nulo and his family. What role did monasteries such as Tashi Chulong Monastery and Chugama Monastery play as centers of faith and support for the faithful at times of life crises such as funerals? What role did monasteries play as storehouses of wealth and sites of economic redistribution? What other roles did monasteries play in the life of the laity? What were the roles played by high ranking Buddhist reincarnate hierarchs (signified by the honorific terms Alak and Rinpoche)? (Here you may also briefly reference the mention of the Buddhist hierarch Karmapa in the film Saltmen of Tibet, but refrain from providing a comparison to the general circumstances related in that film.) Support your statement with references to events related in the specified pages of the book.

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