anthropology genes and their evolution population genetic 1

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I need to type 300 words for the online forum and I am not understanding most of the topic. The information is as follow:

Living Humans Growth aDn Development

In this chapter,

So how does anthropology and race go together? Well back about 100 years ago, Anthropology use to say that they studied the “races” of man. Anthropology got it start with colonialism. Anthropology’s field work, ethnographies and their expertise were used by Colonial Governments who were there to bring capitalism and to exploit the resources of these countries which were colonized.

As an anthropologist, I have studied race and gender extensively and I know to really get race, you have to look at it historically and see how and why race plays out in this country and the world.

So, race was used in colonialism to differentiate and subjugate the people to primarily the West. Prior to 1500, the concept as we have known it in terms of its use, is a modern ideology. It was not used in the middle ages during the crusades, Richard the LionHeart III, did not say lets go kill those “xxxx” as in race, it was about religion and that the others were not Christians. Further back in the Roman times, they also didn’t take slaves because of skin color? They made slaves of anyone they conquered. Greece talked about the “woolly” haired people of Sheba or Africa, but didn’t associated Race and skin color with a negative value.

In this chapter, race is discussed briefly. In looking at humans, we know that because of the geographical location, different phenotypes were created: Sherpas who can easily operate in high altitudes, others who can be in hot climates or cold climates. So, race is socially construction, it is in the social fiber of society within its institutions.

Let’s talk about race and why in the 21st century advocates are trying to let people know that “Black Lives Matter,” the Black Panther Party which was started in Oakland in the 1960s (CELEBRATING THEIR 50TH ANNIVERSARY) was created in part in opposition to the Police, the harassment, the killings, etc…. You can go back further in the country and still see police harassing or killing blacks. However, when you go back further, you begin to see that lynching were done by communities and the police. Not just in the South.

So in the 21st century we still see that the Police can, and do kill unarmed Blacks.

So tell me what you think of race, racism, How, and why does pheno type create social hierarchies. , How does our history set up this situation? Why do we have all the negative statistics for groups in the inner cities, where the policies that were created at the federal, state, and regional levels created these low income areas, and created suburbs where many whites have fled, and then those people who can afford it, live in the suburb communities with gates and security to protect them from the people who are low income, mostly Black and other of color?

So, please lets understand race as historical, political, and social. Look at the social structure of the West, can we change society by changing people’s hearts and minds? When so many people do not accept White privilege, how can we? How do you dismantle race with the tools that created it in the first place? Can you?

In this chapter we celebrate Humans, and the human condition, we live in various geographically places in the world. So, lets talk about Living Humans.

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