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Answer TWO !! of the following three questions. Need to clearly separated each question answers.Each question write one single space page. Total 2 single space pages.Remember to use information from the class (as well as outside research) to go into detail into your essays. I am looking for engagement into the material as well as critical thinking. Both class and outside source examples are required for full credit. Be sure to list any sources used in your essays.(wikipedia is not considered an academic source). All the readings are post in file, please check. Ne limits on the number of the resources you choose to use. Can use more than 5 or less than 5. Use at least on citation from the readings that I attached.

1. Compare the lifestyles of two groups of people we have discussed this term. How do they differ and why? How are they the same? What archaeological evidence do we have from them? Be sure to provide specific examples including archaeological and environmental data.

2. How does environment influence the development of peoples in Oregon? Select three groups that lived in different geographical areas and discuss their environmental settings and how their technologies and subsistence reflect the available resources in their respective areas. Be sure to use specific examples of archaeological sites and technologies.

3. Discuss in detail the characteristics of five archaeological sites we have looked at this term. How old is each site and what types of artifacts, ecofacts, and/or features are discovered at each site? Where are they located and what does each site tell us about the region they were discovered? How do these archaeological sites differ from each other and why? Most importantly, what does each site tell us about the prehistory of the peoples who occupied Oregon?

Book citation: Archaeology of Oregon. by C. Melvin Aikens. Portland, OR: Office, Bureau of Land Management, Department of Interior, 2011 edition

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