Areas for improvement computer science homework help

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Please provide good review and no plagiarism all in APA format and please do online research about the topic in the attachment and review the file below


review of the File below which has been attached

provide meaningful feedback. Your feedback to this will be most helpful if you not only point out weak areas but also offer suggestions for improvement. The best feedback takes a 3-stage approach to identify the following:

  • What was done well
  • Weaknesses
  • Areas for improvement
  • Recommendations
  • Examples how it can be worked


Here are some tips for effective reviewing:

  1. Be kind and constructive. Be the kind of READER you would like to have read your draft.
  2. Give concrete, specific, honest praise. Example: “I like the way the data are presented in Figure 1. The important features are well labeled on the image and explained in the legend.”
  3. Give concrete, specific, honest constructive feedback. Example: “I find it difficult to follow the logical flow of information in this paragraph. A clear topic sentence is needed and then perhaps rewriting the sentences…”
  4. Mirror for clarity – Say: “It sounds like you are saying…. Is that right?”
  5. Write comments upon which the authors can act; provide enough information that the authors will know the basis for your concerns.

NOTE-Very very very very important no plagiarism and review every inch of the document and please make sure you do it with minimum 700words


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