Arizona University Investigating the Refraction of Light Lab Report

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This coursework shall consist of two (2) main tasks: an investigative assignment and three (3) lab experiments. Due to the hybrid delivery schedule for this semester, students are required to write a single report investigative assignment report consisting of approximately 600 words. The report on the laboratory experiments will be completed and assessed during the labs sessions.

Equipment: • LJCREATE Measurement Experiment Toolbox • LJCREATE Force as a Vector – Resolving Forces Experiment Toolbox • PhET Interactive Simulations (Online)

Task 1 – Investigative Assignment

Starts: 28/03/2021 Ends: 24/04/2021

Procedure: Students are required to follow all the instructions and answer all the questions as stipulated in the investigative assignment document that will be provided at the beginning of the fifth week of the semester.

Report writing (600 words) Students are required to follow the report writing guidelines as instructed by MTC’s English Department representatives for their respective departments. The details of the report structure are explained in the investigative assignment document. But in summary, the report must contain the following segments:

  • Title Page containing your name, student ID, department, and group ID. • Table of contents • Introduction • Answers to all the review questions (from a to g). •Conclusion

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